5 comments on “Don’t think bullet runout makes a difference? Check this out.

  1. In my experience, the larger the caliber, the more important concentricity is to group size. I have never been able to understand why but it does! I wonder why a crooked loaded bullet would make a difference going down a 16″ (or greater) barrel but it does! It would seem that after 6″, any wobble would have been stabilized.by the barrel. Of course, amongst us male shooters, 6″ is the most lied about dimension on the planet!!!

    I have both a single stage press and a progressive. I get the best concentricity with my single stage but greater problems with the progressive because I believe the progressive press may not be sending the case perfectly north (due to indexing adjustment), so this may cause the crooked seating. So when I want the best concentricity and groups, I load with the single stage.

    Perhaps someone might explain this ‘limp load’ phenomenon? I even tried charging my progressive press loads with some Viagra and that didn’t help. (LOL!)

  2. Concentricity of the die seems to be in question. The turned OD/Threads circular diameters relationship to the reamed and finished ID form for the die is the culprit – speculatively speaking. No more expensive than dies are, like you, I doubt that any form of repair would be worthwhile.

    • I wanted to find why it went from sizing perfectly to bending necks. We cleaned it thoroughly and it didn’t help at all. Then we tried with and without the bushing. Removing the bushing solved the problem. I’m going to get another bushing and test again. I’m wasting way too much time on it but you know what they say about curiosity.

      • Yup, my 20 lb Tabby Cat found out the hard way. Keep us posted! Love the site BTW. Stick @ S&S and I go way back in time. Brad speaks well of you also.

      • Much appreciated. I’m trying to have a place people can come to get good info, but still have a laugh occasionally.

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