4 comments on “New Logo

  1. JMHO, but the Blue might be better Red. I like the overall design. I just don’t associate Blue with a target. I like the “Pre Worn” look though.

  2. Cross Hairs get a thumbs up. However, the faded name around the circumference of the logo does not say “Max Accuracy” or “Precision” or even “Rifle” to me. To me it says “Used, worn out, faded…”. I am not sure what would be better as I have not had much time to give it much thought. I think you might be able to present the name better somehow. Maybe using a custom font wherein the font itself communicates “PRECISION” or something… Unfortunately I am just not sure how. Maybe creating the letters using a font that is made from ammunition? or maybe … Nuts & Bolts… Precision parts and tools used to create the precision rifles? Something clean, crisp, new, ACCURATE, PRECISE, something that communicates what you are about. Just my opinion and you solicited it so… Good luck hope to see you back out at the range one of these days! Take Care & God Bless!

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