11 comments on “28 Nosler / Berger 195 grain bullet combination

  1. Sure would be nice if Brass was available. I was going to build one but haven’t seen 28 Nosler brass in stock for over a month. Anywhere.

    • Powder is Retumbo. I don’t give out the exact load because of different rifles producing pressure at different charges. Just work up .5 increments to find sweet spots.

  2. Did you have to do any modifications to the bottom metal and or action? What was the overall length of the round with the 195? Thanks.

  3. Hey just wanted to say, that is some pretty good work right there. Did you have the guys at BOTW cut the turret for that load? And what kinda range have you stretched it out to?

  4. Every time I have the itch for a new round/rifle combination I start with the bullet. 7mm projectiles have always been so tempting except for one issue – all the great ones require more velocity than a short action can provide. There are two exceptions: the 7mm WSM and 7mm WSSM. I don’t care for long action receivers and the two aforementioned rounds will burn a barrel faster than the 6mm’s and 6.5mm’s I already run.

    That being said, magnum fiends such as yourself have to be loving the 28Nos. It’s a RUM that is better than a RUM. A 7mm RemMag without the belt.

    Did I miss what powder you are using on this? I am guessing H1000.

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