7 comments on “28 Nosler with 175 Grain ELD-X Test (some graphic photos are included)

  1. I assume your throat dimensions are a little longer than a Nosler m48? Those are some impressive numbers and accuracy. Also, I appreciate your research and writings. Sounds like you have plenty of experience and knowledge, but you don’t make it out like you wrote the book on ballistics so, thank you and good read! P.s. If you can find them, try the ablr (accubond long range) in 175 gn for that rifle. I shoot the 168 in my 7 mag and love them. They’re pretty soft and tend to run very slippery through the bore so you can expect better speed. Plus the tangent ogive makes them less picky about seating depth. I also happen to have made those bullets at every stage and can vouch for quality and consistency.

    • The barrel will begin to have throat erosion in less than 400 rounds. For the level of accuracy that I need it will probably be a tent stake by 900. I usually go through several barrels on demo rifles every year.

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