Professional Bio

Lloyd Hill 

Founder / Owner                                              Max Accuracy                                                Long Range Shooting Shop


Lloyd Hill is an experienced firearm and security professional and recognized Firearm Training, Consulting and Precision Rifle expert. Lloyd has owned Max Accuracy and Long Range Shooting Shop since April of 2011.  Max Accuracy is a Firearms training/consulting business, specializing in expert training and consulting long range shooting and Firearms Training.  Long Range Shooting Shop specializes in the sale of Rifles, Scopes, Tactical Weapons and Handguns. Additionally, Long Range Shooting Shop offers all types of hunting and shooting accessories including long rate hunting rifles and setups, as well as an array of knives and other shooting related products.

Lloyd has most recently been featured on The Best of the West TV show, reviewing the Huskemaw Scope.   Additionally, Lloyd has a featured monthly newsletter and a “How-to” Guide.

Prior to founding Max Accuracy and Long Range Shooting Shop, Lloyd served in Security and Law Enforcement.

March 2006 until April 2011 -Kabul,Afghanistan  International Police Officer           

Lloyd worked on several Security Teams. His primary was providing transportation and on-site security for US Embassy personnel, route and site reconnaissance. Lloyd’s team was also assigned to emergency evacuations and tactical support. Lloyd’s previous assignments included Tactical Commander of The Counter Assault/Advance Vehicle, then Primary Team Leader

June 2004 until November 2005- Baghdad                                 Bodyguard/Security

Lloyd worked with a Tactical Support Team (TST) in Baghdad. His primary task was securing the rear of a counter assault convoy during runs throughout Baghdad while in support of protective details. At this time Lloyd was chosen for that particular position because of his maturity level to avoid any unnecessary incidents. His team also provided on-site security, responded to requests for assistance, emergency evacuations, and provided first responder medical assistance.

Additionally, Lloyd provided security for two US Ambassador’s security teams.  During this time his responsibilities included aerial and ground reconnaissance, route planning and on site security for the US Ambassadors and parties.

August of 2002 until June 2004 – Kosovo                  Senior Operator/Team Leader

Lloyd worked for in Kosovo as a Senior Operator of the Close Protection Unit (CPU) and as the Team Leader for the Operational Support Unit (OSU). Both units worked with Kosovo Security Forces (KFOR) in the Mitrovica region, which was considered a potentially hostile area demarcated by ethnic-political tensions. Lloyd was part of the operations team for a multi-national police detachment tasked with Dignitary protection & extractions, security escort of high risk transports/UN personnel/endangered Kosovar citizens, and high risk warrant services and arrests. The unit was also responsible for tactical emergency responses in the Mitrovica region.

December 1989 until August 2002  Charlottesville Police Department SWAT/JADE

Lloyd was a Member of the highly respected SWAT Team. He trained regularly in responses to barricaded subjects, hostage rescue, high risk search warrants, active shooter responses, vehicle assaults, downed officer rescue and other high risk situations. Lloyd was assigned to the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force (JADE)

1987 until 1989 – Wintergreen Police Department                                     Patrolman

Lloyd began his career as a Dispatcher, and was promoted to Patrolman with the general Patrolman duties

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  1. Loud, I enjoy your tips and encouragement regarding long range shooting. I especially appreciate the fact that you are a rare sight representing minorities specializing in what you do. Keep up the terrific work.

    Sturgis Wade
    Orangevale, CA

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