“Before taking a shooting class from Lloyd, many experienced shooters gave me all sorts of “shooting tips” which I was unable to comprehend (some confused me more than helping – probably I was not smart enough). Lloyd made long range rifle shooting concept very easy to understand and apply. Not only were his instructions clear to the point but he was also a very patient teacher, Less than two hours into the class, I was able to shoot less than 1 MOA at 500 yds at the Top Gun shooting range.

Thanks Lloyd – you taught me well.


4 comments on “Testimonials

  1. A friend and I spent time training with Lloyd today and enjoyed learning how to improve our shooting skills. We have both hunted/shot our entire lives and are pretty good in the field but we have never attempted the difficult shots (distance and varying body position) that Lloyd taught. After the first few minutes on the range, it was obvious that Lloyd’s knowledge level is significantly beyond anyone that I’ve ever met. In a short class he was able to address the shooting techniques that we need to improve upon, the possible scenarios that a hunter could encounter, and had tested our skills in shooting positions that I have always avoided. The result of our training is that we are both more prepared and confident for our next hunt. Thanks, Lloyd, for an educational and fun day.

  2. It really was one of the best moments I have had on a very long time. Now I’m trying to figure out how I can build a budget system that can shoot at 500+. I just need to figure out what I can sell to get me started. :). I have a nice .22 if you know of anyone who is looking for one. I feel ruined now at 100yds. ;). I may need a consultation visit or therapy. Not sure which would be less expensive.

  3. On Satuday June 22nd 2013 I met Loyd at Top Gun shooting Range and it is a day or better yet a moment in my life that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I have always had a wish/desire to target shoot at long distances. I am a family man and as many know in todays economy there is not a lot left over at the end of the day to be able to pursue dreams that come second to keeping a roof over your family head and food on the table. As a present for father’s day this year my wife bought me a SW M&P 15-22. She has always known that I have wanted to teach my boys how to shoot and even though I wanted a larger caliber rifle I was elated to get my little plinking gun. So on the before mentioned day I was plinking away and Loyd takes up the spot next to me and starts to do his thing and the whole time I am wishing that I could be him shooting those beautiful systems he was running that day. I had read about him after doing research on where was the best outdoor shooting range in my area and that lead me to Top Gun and on the web page they talked about Loyd setting the range record for a 3 shoot group. I introduced myself to him and after a brief conversation we went back to doing our own thing. The day went on and as it was getting close to time for the range to close Loyd and I were walking back up to the little building that serves as the range office and I was complaining about how bad I felt I shot that day. Granted at 50 yds I was drilling tacks, but at 100 yds it seemed I could shoot a 5″ group. I never really shot rifles before. I shot a few growing up, but then as I got into my late teens early 20’s I only shot pistols and shotguns. Now I am 44 trying to do something I have wanted to do my whole life. Well Loyd couldn’t have been more considerate and explained to me that I was probably expecting more of the .22 then I should be. Even that small comment made me feel better. Then out of nowhere he asked me if I would like to try to shoot one of his rifle systems. He said that he might have a few rounds left if I wanted he would show me how. At first I thought I misunderstood him, but then I realized he was serious and of course no one could ever pass up a opportunity like that. So he went and got his ammo box and one of the systems he had been shooting and set it up. In my head he was going to let me shoot at the 2 or 3 hundred yd. target and to my disbelief he told me I was going to shoot the 500 yd steel target. I have to admit I’m shaking inside with both excitement and nervousness since here is a world class shooter letting me shoot one of his systems and thinking to myself I don’t want to embarrass myself and miss. So he starts to explain what I should be doing in very easy to follow instructions. I get setup and tell him I’m on target. He then tells me to put about 5lbs of trigger pull when I’m ready to shoot. Since I’ve been shooting the 15-22 all day with a 7lb trigger pull I pull the trigger like that. As I my brain tells my finger to pull the trigger like I did with the plinker, booooom, I sent the round down range and miss. I look over at Loyd and he is smiling at me since he knew what i was going to do. The trigger on his system is set for if I remember correctly 2lbs not 5 or 7 and there is huge difference. So now he tells me I know what to expect and we start the setup over again. This time I remember the instructions he gave me the first time and when I was on target he said to shoot when I was ready. I steady myself, acquire the target, tell Loyd I’m ready and he said shoot when i’m ready. This time I slowly pull the trigger, boooom, and the next thing I hear is the ting of the metal target which at the time it seemed like forever, but only a fraction of a second and I had to ask if I really made the shot and he said yes and I have to say it was smiling like a little kid on Christmas. I am sorry this is such a long story, but it is a story that will stay with me forever. I may never get to do that again. I hope I can, but I don’t know if the money will ever be there for me to buy a system like that. But I can say for certain, Loyd Hill is one of the finest individuals I have ever met and if anyone ever has a desire to learn how to shoot he would be the one I would recommend you to. It was my once in a lifetime moment and I will always have Loyd to thank for that. Loyd, if you read this I am enternally grateful to you for this moment and thank you for being the person you are.


    Todd Johnson
    Allen, Texas

    • Jeez! I thought I was the one having fun watching this giant dude giggling like a little kid when he made that 500 yard head shot. Thanks anyway for the compliment though. 🙂

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