Course Preparation

In order to receive the most benefit out of your training the following items are required. Additionally, there are several things you will need to do in preparation to avoid wasting your class time.
Extreme range class requires a basic understanding of precision shooting. You must understand how do dial elevation and windage in order to engage targets to at least 500 yards in order to participate in the extreme range classes.

Required items for one day rifle class
  1. Rifle that is capable of shooting 1 inch at 100 yards
  2. 100 rounds of chosen ammunition per day
  3. Bipod
  4. Shooting mat of some type (I use a wool blanket)
  5. Cover for rifle
  6. Sling you intend to use
  7. Sandbag/Squeezebag
  8. One piece cleaning rod, cleaning kit, quality bore guide (we suggest Lucas)
  9. Eye and ear protection
  10. Screwdrivers and maintenance kit
  11. Scope level (Required for one mile precision class)
  12. Windmeter
  13. Shooting Sticks (optional)
  14. Notebook
  15. Participant Agreement (see below to download and print)

You MUST sign and return the signed disclosure prior to attending any course


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