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  1. Let me start by saying – Lloyd is awesome! I booked his Long Range Shooting class online and we spent all day today at TAC Pro near Mingus. Due to my greenhorn choice of scope (brand name to remain anonymous for now, I will review later) and mounts, Luepold mounts sucked as the screw that the rear mounting bracket affixed to started burring and loosened to the point we just pulled it out with our fingers. Lloyd noticed this immediately. Normally your day would be shot before it’s started. Where are you going to find mounts for my rifle way out here. Lloyd not only had the mounts in stock, he had them with him. (I’m sure in anticipation of a loose end or two on my end). Keep in mind , your supposed to show up with a rifle ready to go, zeroed in. I had spent my time at the range prior to today, just enough to wear out the scope mounts 🙂 Lloyd took it all in stride and by the end of the day he taught me about my optics, bullet weights, and my rifle to the point where I am now very confident of 3-5 inch groups out to 500 yards (up to 1,000 if my optic turrets were not mushy)

    BTW – we used a “manufacture” build, no mods:
    Savage 111 Long Range hunter in 7mag – comes with adjustable muzzle break. Accutrigger lived up to it’s 5 star rating with its smooth, adjustable trigger pull. Mine measured 2 1/4 pounds out of the box. Very smooth action, stock could take some beefing up. Still weights it at just over 10 lbs with optics. However, it is a huge step up from their Azis line.

    Thanks again to Lloyd for all of his help and patience with a greenhorn to Long Range shooting!

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