Eagle Eye Shooting Complex

Eagle Eye Shooting Complex is located in Summertown Tennessee.  On June 7th when I wrote this it went out to a max of 500 yards, but they have plans to extend it to at least 800 and maybe 1000 by this fall, so check back.

500 Yard Range

They have well maintained target backing and nice steel targets go from 200-500 yards.  The cost is only $10-$15 per day depending on days of the week when you visit.  If you want to shoot on other ranges in the same day there is a small extra fee.


Prone Shooting Platform

A retired state policeman that told me an amazing story that will come out in one of my blog posts.

I got the tour and found it to be a very well laid out and functional range.  It has a total of eighteen benches and a large  raised platform for two to three prone shooters.

They also have five pistol bays, a 3D archery range, and shotgun range.

There is a golf cart available for changing / painting targets.

It also has a huge patio with good sturdy furniture and restaurant next to the pro shop.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff makes this location an excellent little side trip when passing through.  There is lodging not too far from the range, but I didn’t check on pricing.

All and all a really nice place to shoot.  Check them out at:


Or Call: 931-379-7977


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