South Africa May 2013



Actually Joe's pig

Actually Joe’s pig

Monster Cape Buffalo

Monster Cape Buffalo

Finally got a shot at this huge lion

Finally got a shot at this huge lion

Robs giraffeRonnie and Me

Little killer

Little killer

all the little lionsHandshakeJoe Playing with little lionsNoahs Kittens Noah's new best friendNoahs Impala Robs HardebeestJoes KuduKitty TrackMy KuduMy Blue Wildebeest

18 comments on “South Africa May 2013

  1. The saddest thing are the smiles on your face, those are not cause you did a good action, those are sadistic smiles.
    You dont deserve this planet, but probably you and your friend will make another laugh to my comment. How can you deny the risk of extintion of animals (and i know the thesis “we kill only the old ones or the dangerous for the population nearby”….)?
    They do not belong to us, we dont own this planet.
    You justify your hunting saying that people are gonna eat their meat…but with (i think) 40k $, that is the amount of $ needed to hunt a lion or whatever other animal, why not start a plantation,
    lay the foundations for the construction of aqueducts and / or desalination plants??? Why don’t you fight poaching
    No you prefer to continue this extarmination. Because you dont really care.
    You all are disgusting, seriously, trying to justify your horrible hunting by pulling needy populations in the middle.
    You are criminals, sick criminals in a country led by corrupt justice where anyone would sell his mum for a thousand dollars. You take advantage of misery, the worst kind.
    Unfortunately it would be stupid to wish you evil, it is useless, even if you deserve it, and underneath you know it too. You are probably really good to turn your face on the other side.
    Just stop this massacre
    And for yout fancy comments above, a kind and gentle man is not necessarily a good man; so please stop acting like one.

    • The only part you had correct is that we will laugh at you. Because we do. So read some of my other replies to pathetic little mamma boy eunuchs like yourself and realize that your long drawn out diatribe was completely useless. So please. Give us more of your cute little opinions to amuse us.
      Have a good day tho.

    • OK, Mr Gloomypants. Why the mean and hurtful words? Actually I’m glad you brought up the killing of the giraffe. It gives me an opportunity to give you a little insight….. and it gives me and my friends someone to poke a little fun at. Yes you Mr Pants.
      First off I didn’t kill the giraffe. Of all the tasty animals I love to kill and eat the giraffe does not fall into that category. However, I dare say that all the local people who are able to feed their family fresh giraffe meat would disagree with your assertion that we are scumbags. Yes Gloomypants, the local people as a rule eat nearly all of those animals that we kill. And I dare say a lot of the local people in hunting areas sole source of food is from the hunting industry. Also, how much money have you personally put into conservation in Africa, America or anyplace else? Not standing on a wobbly soapbox and spewing hateful and useless lollypop jargon. But real tangible money or anything else toward animal conservation. You want to know what the hunting industry spent last year? Send me an email and we will chat.
      So what have we learned today sir?
      1-Nothing good comes from saying mean things to people. Especially people who feel that an uneducated opinion is worth squashed bubblegum.
      2-Open dialogue can be very educational, and bring your opinion’s usefulness up from squashed bubblegum to something worth listening to.
      As always thanks for visiting our site.

      • hey you are crazy you know this is animal cruelty if i found you i will do the same to you and shoot you

      • Come on Gloomypants. Why you got to get all violent??? That’s no way for such a kind hearted, and peaceful person to act. I think we should go out. Have a beer together. You will see that I’m not really not a bad guy. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be considered a coward and shoot someone in the back would you? And just think. What if your gun jammed, or misfired? Then what? You already labeled me as evil… Like the devil? Would you really want to try and shoot the devil and then have your gun misfire? Uh… decisions, decisions.

  2. People like you are the scum of the earth. I hope you get humbled one day by these creatures.

    • I am humbled and amazed by these creatures every time I go into their homes to hunt them. We hunters have a reverence for animals that mere “spectators” will never appreciate. So keep sending your anonymous comments. It’s good for the hits on our websites…. And frankly. People like you amuse us.

    • Thanks for visiting my site. Since even your negative and obviously childlike comments counts as a hit, which helps in the site rating you can one day grow old knowing that you actually did some good in the world.

  3. Dear Mr. Prick. Thanks for visiting my site. I can see by your comment that you don’t approve??? I can also see by your anonymous email address that you are a particularly brave soul. Well since I am far from politically correct let me put this into easy to understand terms. I have been hunting and killing one thing or another my entire life. It is as natural to me as breathing. Or as natural as it is for you and your kind to have baseless useless opinions. So I do this as a courtesy to you so that you and your friends can spend more time smoking dope and feeling sorry for yourselves. Don’t waste your time commenting on things that you see me and my kind involved in. You people and your opinions mean as much to us as the bubble gum that occasionally sticks to the bottom of our shoes.

    Lloyd HIll

    • Lloyd, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar!…great pics! If people understood how preservation works they would appreciate that hunting is necessary and valuable to maintaining the scarce resources. It is the ignorant that make such comments as Mr. Prick.

      • chris you dont know what you are talking about these animals are innocent you and Loyyd are both evil!

      • Why are we ‘both evil’? I am certainly willing to debate any position and, like Lloyd, respect anyone’s position. You need to give an argument as to why we are ‘evil’….

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