Rock Castle Shooting Center

If all you need to know about this place is how to come shoot please skip to the bottom of this page, but I suggest reading my little written soliloquy because this range is pretty interesting.
Today I had the pleasure to take a tour of Rock Castle Shooting Center which is a two thousand acre shooting complex located inside Park Mammoth Resort in Park City Kentucky. It is the only golf/shooting resort that I’m aware of. The shooting portion of the complex is actually connected to the eighteen hole golf course area, and the combination seems to work surprisingly well.
Let’s see, where should I start? This place was a little bit overwhelming. I thought it was just a range, turns out it’s a lot more than that. When I got there I met with Jim Noble, who is the father of the two owners Nick and Nathan Noble. I ended up touring and shooting with him the rest of the day.
The complex has sporting clay areas, pistol ranges, and a couple areas that go from 1000, to 2000 yards. It has 3D archery, cowboy action and multiple other smaller ranges hidden among little cutouts along the roadways. I had a few rifles with me so we took them from 445 yards to 1118 yards. Jim tried to downplay his shooting experience, but had no problem keeping excellent groups at over 1100 yards.

Notice the small white dots in the distance?  Those are at about 1120 yards

Notice the small white dots in the distance? Those are at about 1120 and 1550 yards.

Here is the 1000 yard range bench

Here is the 1000 yard range bench

I also had an opportunity to go on a short caving excursion with the group pictured below. Charles Bishop has been exploring the intricate cave system which covers over fourteen square miles under the complex for over forty years. This cave project is the longest running continuous cave project in the US.

From left to right Leanne Hughes, Steve Duncan, Charles Bishop, Catherine Bishop

From left to right
Leanne Hughes, Steve Duncan, Charles Bishop, Catherine Bishop

There is a 100 room lodge on the complex.  The complex has a winery, pro shop, and restaurant.  The restaurant has an excellent menu, DELICIOUS food, and is run by Bob Hundley, AKA “the tactical cook”. Bob’s last duty station was chef for the present and past two presidents at Camp David. In addition to being an amazing chef, Bob is an avid shooter and competitor. Seems like everyone who has anything to this place is an avid shooter.
They also offer almost any kind of training you could possibly want. Whether its survival training, tactical training, or competition training you can have it custom tailored to your needs.
Some upcoming activities that are being offered include a National Cave Rescue Commission seminar the last week of July ( They are also having the Rock Castle Three Gun Match which is the largest three gun match in the world starting August 22nd where there will be over 600 competitors. So you can potentially shoot out of a little bird one day and practice cave rescue the next. But seriously, some of the stories Anmar, who is one of the cavers told me about caving will probably give me nightmares.
Something else that’s very different about this place is that it’s growing into a 2nd amendment community. What is a 2nd amendment commandment community you may ask? Part of the property near the golf course is being sectioned off, and homes for shooters are being custom built. They have pretty much any addition you want, but are surprisingly affordable (approximately $112 per square foot). The additions include safe rooms, indoor ranges, and reloading areas. But basically a 2nd amendment community is having a group of very like-minded people living in the same tight knit community.
The range complex is a member’s only site, but I talked to owners about people coming from out of state and they said you could call ahead at 270-749-4101 and pay $50 to shoot for a day.  Or ask about a package deal for a room, food and 1000 yard range time. So if you are in the area, rather than bringing golf clubs, bring your rifle and ammo so you can get some long range practice time.

Jim Noble and me hanging out at the Rock.

Jim Noble and me hanging out at the Rock.

You can stay on site in the lodge for only $79 so it’s way better than staying at any of the other hotels in the area. I can’t imagine the price of food and lodging can remain because they seem to be working on 1980 prices.
Here is their website if you want to get some more detailed information.
After you visit please post a comment in my comment section.0

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